Petition: No digital programmable currency!

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The European Central Bank (ECB) is drawing the outline for a digital central bank euro (CBCD)
issued directly by the ECB. The European Commission is calling on member states to
“actively participate” in the preparatory work. Should our country Belgium participate in

We note that:

-the arbitrary addition of money remains possible, so the money has no collateral and loses
its value.
-the taxation of interest on loans remains possible, with profits flowing to the top.
-Europe and the ECB sets up its own digital structures and data, linked to e-ID and health
card, so that it can pull all the strings.
-consumer privacy will be compromised.
-conditions may be imposed to be connected to the digital currency.
-it will become possible to block or limit your account because of certain behaviour (your
CO2, fuel or meat budget; vaccination status; non-politically correct opinion).
-The BIS Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and Central Banks are
stretching the digital currency globally by region.
-governments have no say in the operation of central and world banks (private companies)

and request

That our country does not participate in building the digital programmable currency, which
could lead to a Chinese-style global totalitarian surveillance state. That
our country is committed to obtaining a fair banking system while maintaining freedom and
welfare for every citizen.



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